BRATie• Pick it! Tag it!



BRATie is a revolutionary new form of video commerce that allows you to tag an object in a video, track it, and then transact to purchase it. Fill up the following small form and start Bratifying your videos!


BRATie • Pushing Creative forward !


We ensure that what is typical or current creative can thrust forward to become enjoyably different with interactive enriched media. Built for film, television, webisode, commercial, branded products, Social Media and Celebrities. If your online and have products we can BRATify them and Once BRATified we pushed & launch content forward that everyone wants to play with.

BRATie Specialties

Marketing & Advertising, Film & Production, Touch-less sensation - endorsement management, Visual stimulation, Global International reach and lots of evolution that is juicy as candy ! Creating Fun & Lots of it !

Why the Picking nose ? As our Founders says, Everyone does it, They just do not admit to it; and quickly everyone will be enjoying BRATie

BRATie, Pick Something you like & Fall in love.

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